Welcome to the Oddyssey

Stanley Odd presents a night of music & storytelling

I’m delighted to be playing with The Banana Sessions at Stanley Odd’s insanely hefty chanbang pairty at the Book Festival tonight.

It’s a monster 8 band line up, all playing 10 minute 2 chan sets, all unplugged and aff the leash with rakes of storytelling and chat in between. It will be BAZZA. It will be GIRTHY. It will be my last night in Edinburgh. 10pm. Free entry!

The Banana Sessions
The Kat Healy Music Club
Hector Bizerk
The Little Kicks
Loki and The Kartel
Pronto Mama
Michael Pedersen of Neu Reekie
Stanley Odd

(psst, also the SCO are apparently playing a superbly spectacular top-secret support set with a couple of fireworks in the park just before us…)

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