Introducing the Parpatron Jukebox

“I will raise £200, the cost of educating one girl in Malawi for a year, on behalf of the Mamie Martin Fund in 2013”

That was my pledge back in January and today is the day I start my Magical Musical Parpatron Jukebox Marathon. My trumpet skills are lacking and in desperate need of serious improvement. Therefore, I am challenging myself to a Parpatron Marathon playing tunes suggested by YOU!

Every day for 200 days I will learn and film a tune, requested by you for a minimum donation of £1, dedicating said tune and video to you online.

However, the minimum donation on everyclick is £5 so you can either request 5 tunes… or be super generous!

Now, what should I play?

Donate and suggest tunes here and follow my progress on the Youtube channel here

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