2013 so far

Image – Ingrid Mur

If someone told me this time last year what would happen in 2012 I’d struggle to believe them. ‘You’re gonna move to a wee cottage in the Highlands, join the circus, get engaged…Oh and get married too.’ It was a pretty special year, personally and professionally, and it’s going to take some beating but I’m sure going to try.

So at the new year I was getting to the end of my panto run at Perth theatre and looking forward to some time off when Adam Holmes phoned me and asked if I’d play on his album. I heard the band before, loved the tunes and was delighted to help. A week later we recorded the tracks at Gorbals Sound, a world class studio under the direction of an equally world class producer John Wood. The whole experience was a pleasure.

2013-01-09 14.15.07

A pleasure because I got to play in an impeccable studio with their 50 year old Ludwig beast of a kit. A pleasure because I got to play vibraphone, dust off my 4 mallet chops and make me swear to myself to play more. A pleasure to listen to John’s legendary (and mostly unrepeatable) stories between takes. But mainly a pleasure because I got to meet another group of incredibly talented musicians and record some beautiful tunes together. Watch out for Adam Holmes and The Embers‘ album out later this year.

Between 3 album releases and a 7 month tour with NoFitState Circus in the diary, this year is busy already and (if this month is anything to go by) full of surprises.

2013…Bring it.

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